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Occupation and Health Research Center

To research and disseminate findings regarding emerging issues in the field of occupational medicine that promote workplace health and safety

By researching occupational medicine, providing information for disease prevention, and sharing our research results with workers and other researchers, we will contribute to workers’ and citizens’ health. We collect state-of-the-art information about occupational medicine and preventive medicine, and we provide work-related health information to the public in various ways. We will be writing research articles for medical journals, contributing to a magazine (newspaper), and publishing books and pamphlets. We will be running a website to educate, provide information, and communicate with stakeholders.

Microscope in Laboratory


  • Research occupational and environmental medicine(OEM)

  • Research preventive medicine(PM), epidemiology, and medical statistics

  • Writing scientific articles and submission to a medical journal

Publishing/ Education

  • Contribute articles to magazines and newspapers, publishing pamphlets and books

  • Running our own website

  • Providing scientific information regarding OEM and PM to the public

  • Sharing recent news and research issue of OEM and PM

Education Books Bookshelfs


  • Communication with other researchers and workers, especially with our website

  • Education and communication with the Korean-American immigrant community

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