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Dry cleaning and bladder cancer

There are times when your clothes have a particular odor when you pick them up from the dry cleaner. The odor is similar to the smell of gasoline, and it is normal to worry if wearing the clothes are harmful to your body. Thankfully, it is safe to say that the clothes from the dry cleaner are not going to cause any harmful health effects. That is because the amount of the harmful substances on the clothes are much lower than the normal permissible level. However, is working at a dry cleaner for a long period of time safe too? It is not. If exposed to the chemicals used for performing those jobs for a long period, it can affect your health in various ways. Recent studies have shown that it ca

hs-CPR can predict metabolic syndrome

Higher and increased concentration of hs-CRP within normal range can predict the incidence of metabolic syndrome in healthy men AIMS: To determine whether hs-CRP level and interval change of hs-CRP could predict the development of metabolic abnormalities in healthy subjects in a longitudinal study. METHODS: A cohort of 3748 male who had normal hs-CRP level without evidence of any component of metabolic syndrome were studied. At each visit, hs-CRP level and metabolic abnormalities were measured. Interval change of hs-CRP for each subject was calculated. COX proportional hazard model and logistic regression analysis were used. RESULTS: Cumulative incidence and incidence density of metabolic sy


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