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Are Military personnel at a more risk for skin cancers?

Authors: Amarildo Durmishi, Monika Fida, Sindi Hoxha, Xhuljeta Naqo, Brunilda Bardhi, Malbora Xhelili, Ermira Vasili Prof Photo by Chuanchai Pundej on Unsplash Introduction: NMSC is the most common cancer in countries with a largely fair skin phenotype population and moderate sun exposure. Objectives: Assessing risk factors in the military personnel. Comparing the risk factors in this occupational group to the general population. Materials and methods: 200 active-duty military members and 1000 individuals (the control group) were randomly selected from the general population. We used transversal data collection through a questionnaire, filled in by all participants in the study based on self

Considering work arrangement as an “Exposure” in occupational health research and practice

Authors: Allyson O'Connor, Trevor Peckham and Noah Seixas Photo by John Salvino on Unsplash Most occupational health research is conducted with the so-called “standard employment relationship” in mind, which entails ongoing, full-time employment for a single employer. Yet mounting evidence suggests the way work is organized is increasingly deviating from this standard model, and that work arrangements themselves—the terms and conditions of employment such as contract type and the extent of directive control over tasks—are important determinants of worker health and safety. However, a lack of clear conceptual definitions or taxonomic system defining the wide variety of economic work arrangeme

2020 Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference in Occupational & Environmental Medicine (Virtual)

Image from “MID-ATLANTIC REGIONAL CONFERENCE IN OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE”,Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, accessed Sept 2, 2020, 2020 Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference in Occupational & Environmental Medicine (MARCOEM) will be held on October 9-11, 2020. This year, MARCOEM will be Virtual Conference due to COVID-19 pandemic. This conference is hosted by The New York Occupational and Environmental Medical Association, and collaborated with Johns Hopkins University Education and Research Center for Occupational Safety


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