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Cold stress to outdoor workers

Winter in the U.S. can cause a variety of cold-related illness to workers including frostbite, trench foot, chilblains, and hypothermia. If you are working outside in the winter or cold environments, It is a good idea to learn about cold-related illness and NIOSH recommendation for workers from cold stress. You can find symptom and First Aid for various cold-related illness, cold water immersion safety, and health guide, and recommending action for workers from cold stress at Cold Stress topic in the NIOSH website.

AOHC 2019 in Disneyland

"The happiest specialty on Earth goes to THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH*" This is the motto of AOHC(American Occupational Health Conference) 2019. AOHC is an annual meeting of ACOEM(American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine) and is the largest gathering of occupational health professionals in the world. This year, AOHC will be held during April 28 - May 1 at Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, CA. You can find more details and register at the official AOHC2019 website. * THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH is trademark of Disneyland.

Occupational injury and depressive symptom

Depressive symptoms and self-reported occupational injury in small and medium-sized companies OBJECTIVES: This survey was designed to determine whether depressive symptoms had an effect on the risk of self-reported occupationalinjury in South Korea. METHODS: We conducted a prospective follow-up survey of workers at 44 small- to medium-sized companies classified into manufacturing or service businesses; 1,350 questionnaires were used in the final analysis. The first survey requested information regarding personal characteristics, work characteristics, and depressive symptoms (CES-D); the second survey queried participants in the first survey about self-reported occupational injuries (includin


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