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DNA damage among power plant workers

DNA damage from long-term occupational exposure to extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields among power plant workers. Authors: Bagheri Hosseinabadi M, Khanjani N, Mirzaii M, Norouzi P, Atashi A Extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMFs) are not known as definite occupational carcinogens, but some studies have reported the genotoxic effects of these fields on cell lines. The present study aimed to evaluate the effects of long-term occupational exposure to these fields on DNA damage. In this cross-sectional study, blood samples were taken from 102 thermal power plant workers as the exposure group and 136 subjects as the unexposed group. DNA damage was evaluated using alka

Risk assessment on benzene exposure among gasoline station workers

Authors: Sunisa Chaiklieng, Pornnapa Suggaravetsiri, and Herman Autrup Benzene is a human carcinogen presented in gasoline (1% by volume). It is also found in vehicle exhaust. The aim of this study was to assess the health risk of inhalation exposure to benzene among gasoline station workers. The ambient benzene concentration was measured by personal sampling from 150 gasoline station workers (137 fueling workers and 13 cashiers). Additional data of working characteristics were collected by interviews and on-site observations. All workers were non-smokers and passive smoking was limited. Risk assessment of inhalation exposure was determined using the United State Environmental Protection Age


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