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Civilian forensic technician and sworn police officer job-related stress

Authors: Selena McKay-Davis, Tharinia Robinson, Ismail M Sebetan, Paul Stein Forensic Technicians provide crime scene investigation services and are exposed to stressful violent crimes, motor vehicle accidents, biological or chemical hazards, and other appalling imagery. Forensic Technicians would likely experience physical and psychological stress after exposure to trauma, and security vulnerabilities similar to Sworn Police Officers. The perceived availability of mental health resources, job-related physical, psychological stress, and traumatic experiences of both Forensic Technicians and Sworn Police Officers from California law enforcement agencies were investigated using a self-reported

Arsenic burden in e-waste recycling workers

A cross-sectional study at the Agbogbloshie e-waste recycling site, Ghana Authors: Jennie Yang, Jens Bertram, Thomas Schettgen, Peter Heitland, Damian Fischer, Fatima Seidu, Michael Felten, Thomas Kraus, Julius N Fobil, Andrea Kaifie Image from “The United States has a colossal e-waste problem. This is why”,, last modified Feb 27, 2020, accessed Aug 5, 2020, The export of e-waste from industrialized to developing countries has led to the formation of a large-scale informal e-waste recycling sector in Accra, Ghana. During recycling processes, workers are exposed to several hazardous substances, such as


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