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Heat exposure and injury risk

A case-crossover study of heat exposure and injury risk among outdoor construction workers in Washington State Authors: Calkins MM, Bonauto D, Hajat A, Lieblich M, Seixas N, Sheppard L, Spector JT Objectives: The primary objective of this study was to assess the relationship between heat exposure and occupational traumatic injuries among construction workers. Methods: We assessed the relationship between humidex, a measure of apparent temperature, and Washington State Fund workers’ compensation injuries among outdoor construction workers using a case-crossover design with time-stratified referent selection. Warm month (March–October) adult outdoor construction traumatic injury claims from 20

American workers are not getting enough sleep

About 30% of American workers reporting six or fewer hours sleeping per day, and the number of workers who are not getting enough sleep is growing according to the recent NIOSH study and blog. Various factors including work demand, shift work, and social burden can affect sleep deprivation and sleep quality, and the sleep issue of workers can affect not only the workplace but also community. You can find various study results in the recent NIOSH blog posting. ( That posting also includes several guides for employers and workers to address this issue. The article mentioned is below. NIOSH science blog; Sleep and Work Posted


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